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Kaifeng Ranks the Fifth in the Voting of Chinas Top City of Gastronomy

Source:author: Author:admin Click:847 Time: 2014-08-19

Since the selection of "2014 China Top City-- China's Top City of Gastronomy" has started voting by worldwide netizens, Kaifeng, a city with splendid diet culture earning highly praise,  ranked the fifth in the 20 shortlisted cities.

This net interactive activity arousing a heated discussion about the selection on Microblog and Wechat, was hosted by CRI Online and supported by China Cuisine Association with the guidance of State Internet Information Office and Ministry of Culture. Numerous netizens have elected their favoured city of gastronomy and expected the result since the voting has launched.

As one of the historical and cultural city of China, Kaifeng is veritable to be selected for her deep diet culture. Also, raising awareness and reputation of Kaifeng and its catering is also the aspiration of the public.


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