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Kaifeng Discovered Site of Mansion of Prince Yongning of Ming Dynasty

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Animal Squatted in the Front Hall

On 10 July, the architectural site of Ming dynasty excavated near the Chenghuang Temple of Kaifeng has been identified as the mansion of Prince Yongning of Ming dynasty after a year’s archaeological excavation and expert argumentation. It is the first time Kaifeng has ever fully discovered the original look of the mansion of a Ming Prince, which has great significance for the study of the style of mansions in Ming Dynasty.

Prince Yongning, with the name of Zhu Youguang, is the sixth son of Zhu Su whose fiefdom  is Kaifeng. Then eight generations of this clan have lived here for 196 years. In 1642, the mansion of Prince Yongning was submerged along with Kaifeng city by the Yellow River due to a war.




Scene of the Archaeological Excavation

Hundreds of years later, the glorious mansion of Prince Yongning has reappeared in front of people. The findings of the archaeological excavation have revealed that the mansion, 122m long from north to south and 42m wide, had three courtyards which were symmetrically distributed along the central axis, and all the building group faced south.

So far, 4,000 m2 of the mansion has been excavated and more than 1,000 relics which are mainly building units and articles for daily use have been found, including Ming pottery and porcelain, stones, copper, tin, glasses, woods, and bones.


Porcelain Plates with Dragon Designs in Ming Dynasty

Experts hold that the site of the mansion has very high value in historical, scientific and artistic researches and has great significance for the study of mansion style of Ming Dynasty for its large scale and high standard. In addition, a large number of  precious cultural relic specimen have been saved, providing  valuable materials for the research of the characteristics of cultural relics in late Ming dynasty.

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