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Kaifeng Held 2018 China-France International Children’s Calligraphy and Painting Contest

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On the morning of July 14, 2018 China-France International Children’s Calligraphy and Painting Contest and Kaifeng & Paris Painting Exhibition co-organized by the Institute of Calligraphy, Painting and Photography of the People’s Political Consultative Conference of Shunhe Hui District and Henan Cultural Exchange Association of France was held in the Iron Pagoda Park.

This contest has served as a cultural exchange bridge for children of the two cities, and more than 140 excellent pieces have been seleted. Children from Paris could take a chance to feel the charm of Kaifeng through the work of their Kaifeng peers, while Kaifeng children could also experience French culture.

Judges of children’s calligraphy, paintings and the French delegation have attended the opening ceremony and awarded prizes to the winners. While these 140 excellent works in various styles including oil painting, watercolor and gouache, regular scrip, etc will be displayed in the exhibition, which would show the wounderful inner world of the children.

The second stop of the exhibition is Kaifeng Book Mall on July 23.

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