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The Letter to Heaven

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The Letter to Heaven is a letter that the British English teacher Robert has written to his mother in heaven during his third Spring Festival in China. He told her about his life in Kaifeng and how he loves the ancient city and the beautiful Chinese culture. Now he is an English teacher in Kaifeng, teaching students English and wisdom of life just like her mother has ever told him. When not teaching, he likes walking along the Yellow River, making woodcut paintings, enjoying the festival laterns, and celebrating the Spring Festival like Chinese people, etc. In addition, he has also been used to the local food like having Hu La Tang (spicy soup) with You Bing (fried dough cake) in the morning, which is very different from the breakfast in Britain.

The mirco-vedio The Letter to Heaven is one episode of the series vedioes My Hometown is Henan, a TV propaganda project open to the society to collect creative vedioes. And The Letter is the second one related to Kaifeng that has been selected.


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