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Zoomlion High-end High Horsepower Tractors Production Line Officially Operated

Source:本站 Author:管理员 Click:1014 Time: 2018-09-07


On August 28th, a high-end high horse power tractors production line of Zoomlion has been completed and officially began to operate, which has further promoted the development of Kaifeng’s intelligent manufacturing industry.


On behalf of Kaifeng Municipal Government, Mr. Xu Qiang has extended the warmest congratulations to the officially operation of the high-end high horsepower tractors production line and sincere greetings to staffs on the production line. Mr. Xu encouraged the enterprises to take this opportunity to achieve sound and safety development by strengthening science and technology innovation investment, as well as building the core competitiveness of products. Kaifeng government and related departments will continue to support the construction and growth of Zoomlion Industrial Park in Kaifeng and make contributions to the agricultural equipment industry development of Henan and even China.


Mr. Xu Qiang then inspected the operation of unmanned automatic driving tractor and the big data presentation of the Internet of Things.

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