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Mr. GaoJianjun met Chinese Consul-General in Manchester

Source:本站 Author:管理员 Click:1588 Time: 2018-11-05



On October 24th, 2018, Mr. Gao Jianjun, mayor of Kaifeng, who was on an official visit to Britain, visited Consulate-general of the People’s Republic of China in Manchester and met with Mr. Zheng Xiyuan, the Consul-General.

Mr. Gao Jianjun introduced Kaifeng’s development characteristics, new area planning and cultural advantages, and current communication with Stockport in culture and education to all participants and the willingness to make full use of the advantages and deepen the practical cooperation under the support of the Consulate-general of the PRC in Manchester.

Mr. Zheng Xiyuan extended his welcome to Mr. Gao Jianjun and his delegation, appreciated the “Year of Song Culture” cohosted by Kaifeng and Stockport which has enriched the celebration of Chinese Spring Festival in the consular district, and introduced in details China-Britain people-to-people and cultural exchanges in the district.

The two sides also exchanged their views on the cooperation between China’ Cuju (traditional football in ancient China) and English football, as well as the transformation and creative development of Manchester’s old industrial bases and Kaifeng’s bidding to host the Ancient Civilizations Forum.

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