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Uruguayan Ambassador to China Fernando Lugris Visit Kaifeng

Source:本站 Author:管理员 Click:734 Time: 2020-05-29




During May 15 to 17, H. E. Fernando Lugris, Uruguay’s Ambassador to China has paid a visit to Kaifeng. As the first foreign guest who visited Kaifeng after the city has gained a primary victory in Covid-19 prevention and control, Mr. Lugris was warmly received by Mayor Gao Jianjun and Kaifeng Government.

This is the ambassador’s first visit to Kaifeng. During the meeting, Mayor Gaowelcomed Mr. Lugrison on behalf of Kaifenggovernment and briefed the basic information of Kaifeng to him. Mr. Ambassador expressed his appreciation to the mayor and Kaifeng,saying it was an honor and privilege for him to visit Kaifeng after the pandemic and he would like to congratulate the mayor and Kaifeng people for the primary victory against the disease.The two sides discussed possible cooperation and exchanges in sports, culture, agriculture etc. between Kaifeng and Uruguay, Florida in particular, expressing their willingness to carry out substantive exchangesatan early date.

In his two and a half days visit, Mr. Lugris visited Kaifeng Museum, Kaifeng City Planning Exhibition Hall, Millennium City Park, Iron Pagoda Park, No. 33 Middle School and the Ecological Corridor along the Yellow River. In a TV interview following the visit, Mr. Ambassador spoke highly of not only China’s role in the global fighting against the coronavirus, but also Kaifeng’s development in history, culture, tourism, football, ecological protection and so on, saying he would like to help Kaifeng and Florida in Uruguay to establish sister city relations and promotemutual visits and cultural, tourism, sports, business and trade cooperation between the two cities.

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