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Omsk, Russia

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Location:      Southern Highland, New South Wales, 170 km away from Canberra and 110 km from Sydney
Area:           Approx. 2,700 km2
Pop.:           Approx. 43,000
Economy:     The Shire has major industrial products such as air purifying equipment, electromagnetic wire and cement, as well as well developed animal husbandry, potato growing and one of the best vineyards in Australia
Mayor:          Mr. Ken Halstead, visited Kaifeng in October 2010, 15 days after he won the election
City flower:    Waratah
Kaifeng and Wingecarribee Shire, Australia established sister city relations on October 18, 2007. Since then, the two cities have carried out successful educational exchanges including exchanges of teacher/student delegations and donations of books. The two cities have exchanged experiences in alpaca breeding and processing, export of wine as well as hosting chrysanthemum/tulips festivals. A close contact has been formed between Kaifeng Investment Promotion Bureau and the Southern Highland Chamber of  Commerce.


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